Looking For A Santa Ana Bail Agent?

It’s embarrassing to even think about being in jail. Not even embarrassing but really scary too. If you or even one of your buddies finds a way in jail like my friend did I have a solution. If you have been searching for the right santa ana bail bonds agent then you search is officially over. I actually placed his contact info at the bottom of this page. Before you go you should hear about how I even found this guy because it’s a good one. So it started like all stories with me, my wife and some friends having some drinks at a bar. I’m not the type of person who starts stuff or get belligerent drunk. Somehow these drunk people seem to find me. This guy was being really annoying and rude I spotted him across the room and had a feeling he was going to be trouble for me. Not too long after he stumbles over starts grabbing my wifes arm telling her to come here. I told him to knock it off but he wasn’t listening so it broke into a fight. With us both falling threw a window. Long story short I needed to get bailed out of jail and Chad hooked me up.


Contact info:

Chad Conley Bail Bonds

(714) 716-5035

1633 E 4th St #102
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Not getting hot enough water from your water heater?

The house I purchased about 2 months ago is about 12 years old. So well over 10 years which seems to be the magic number when your appliances seam to either stop working or just not work as good. That was the case with my water heater. It was working but it seemed like only 1-2 people could have warm showers and after that it was just barely warm water. I didn’t want to force everyone to take quick showers, I like to stand there and relax so something had to be done. I knew I needed a water heater installation Anaheim company to help me out.

When Patriot Rooter came out to my house they explained to me the entire water heater process. Which seams basic but I didn’t know a whole lot other then it makes my water hot. He showed me what things to look for what valves to check so I thought that was very nice of them. They took the time for me to understand exactly why I would need my water heater replaced. These guys rock and now I can take a shower as long as I want with constant hot water.

water heater repair

Dont Wait For A Swimming Pool Fence To Protect Your Kids

When it comes down to the safety of your kids you can’t put it off. Swimming pool safety nets Santa Clarita are the guys I had install mine. It did take me a while before deciding on what type of swimming pool barrier I needed. Not only that but I really wanted a swimming pool fence but it’s kinda expensive. After a very traumatic experience of my own recently I rushed to the phone to get a couple pool gate estimates.

I always liked the idea of having a pool fence around my pool. I do have two kids and although I always keep an eye on them all it really takes is one second for them to accidentally jump in the pool. Sometimes even intentionally as my son has no fear of the pool. The only thing I didn’t like about the fence is they are kind of a eye sore. Some look really nice but still a pool gate does make your backyard look a little smaller. So after seeing a few photos of of swimming pool fences I decided a safety net was the way to go.

The nets are great because you have the protection you need but it doesn’t have to take up so much space. Especially those with a infinity pool or homes with a view. You wouldn’t want a big bulky gate blocking your million dollar views. So say good bye to pool safety fences and get yourself a safety net. They can easily hold an adult so you know it could hold at least a few kids at time. Action Pool Safety did a great job on the installation and would recommend anyone to use them.

Action Pool Safety
1509 N Kraemer Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92806
(949) 922-3425