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Why I tell everyone animated videos for your business is the way to go

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Hey guys it has definitely been a while and sorry it has taken so long. Lately the web design/ seo industry has been busy. It has taken me a long time to try and catch up and see what I’ve been missing. For online marketing you can choose to do many things from content marketing to social media and of course old school link building. There are a couple things for this year worth mentioning in the media / video production area. Before I get into how animated explainer videos are a game changer I wanted to back up a bit.

My friends at Get Local have came up with a service that will fix your google page speed score. This is the first step you will want to do. If you have a awesome video on your website but no one can see it because your website is buried back on page 5 then whats the point. Go over to google page insights or just google it and find out what your score is. If it’s not good then have Get Local fix it for you. it’s pretty cheap considering all the hours you would spend doing it yourself. Now that you have that all fixed up continue reading.

Now that your website is ranking well you need a animated business video to capitalize on all the visitors that come to your website. Once someone visits your website these videos can help explain your product or service. Many people don’t read all the content on your website but will prefer to watch animated videos on websites instead. That’s why it is important to make sure you find a explainer video company who can deliver quality as well as affordable pricing. Over the past few weeks I have been going to a few marketing conferences and found this guy who runs a animation video company. You can find him on his Twitter.

I used for one my own website and have seen a giant increase in leads coming through. I would always see in my report that I had visitors coming in but for some reason didn’t get any contact forms or phone calls. Once I embedded a explanation videos the leads started pouring in. I’m not sure if its’ just that it impresses customers or if it helps explain my services but it is bringing me new business everyday now.

Want to see these videos in action? Of course you do! Check out these videos on pinterest.