San Diego Refrigerator Repair

My refrigerator was freezing everything that I put in it. It also started to leave puddles on my floor. I did not know an appliance repair company to call in the San Diego area. I looked online and saw that Apex Appliance Service had good customer reviews. I called and told them what was wrong with my refrigerator. They gave me an idea of what it can be over the phone and set up an appointment to come and give me a free quote on the repair. The technician came to my home and looked at the refrigerator. He was able to give me a quote that includes everything needed for the repair. This quote was very reasonable. After the technician complete the repair I was billed the exact amount of my quote. I even got a ten percent discount for using Apex for my repair service. I had a knowledgeable technician come to my home, fix my refrigerator, and not overcharge me. I would recommend Apex to anyone that needs an refrigerator repair san diego ca.

Apex Appliance Service
Encinitas, CA
(858) 481-5755
refrigerator repair

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