The Car Wrap In Houston That Caught My Eye

When I was driving around Stafford I’ve been seeing a bunch of these huge lifted trucks with some really cool designs. It seems like mostly landscaping, air conditioning, plumbers they all have their work trucks wrapped. Some of these companies didn’t seam that big so I wondered how they could afford to do this. To wrap your entire vehicle it seems it could run you easily a couple grand or a few.

Then it occurred to me that not only is that car wraps Houston tx a business write off but the entire car is. I thought how cool would it be to spend 30-40k onĀ  a new truck and be able to write off all the payments because it’s a work truck. So after a couple months I finally purchased my new car which ending up being a lifted truck. I just couldn’t resist and now I began my search to find a printing company to wrap my truck.

I decided to go with Two Way Signs in Stafford. These guys did an awesome job and made my truck look sweet. After seeing the finished truck wrap it made me feel like I was an official business owner. As an added bonus I actually have been getting a few phone calls too. Which is not really a bonus but should have been the number one reason to do this in the first place instead of just wanting my truck to look cool. So in the end this company I listed below will take care of all your printing needs.

truck wraps

Two Way Signs & Graphics
13000 Murphy Rd
Stafford, TX 77477
(281) 494-2221

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